A Wild Year S01E03

Épisode 3

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In Northeast England lies a wild and remote landscape - The North York Moors. The heather-clad uplands and sheltered dales have been shaped both by the elements and by people over the millennia. Hardy Swaledale sheep roam the high moors all year round only coming down to the lowlands for lambing and shearing. Red grouse, which are only to be found in Britain, feed and breed among the heather alongside curlews and other ground-nesting birds. Billions of purple heather blooms provide nectar for the bees, brought to the moors by beekeepers in the summer. Spectacular Emperor Moths also depend on the heather as food for the large caterpillars which spin themselves silk cocoons to protect them in the winter months. Using a spectacular range of time-lapse techniques, A Wild Year brings fresh insight into the restless rhythms of the British countryside and explores how and why these extraordinary places are the way they are.
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